This is an incredibly communal problem in our daily lives. Constipation can be uncomfortable to deal with and in some cases can affect daily activities. There are several things that are known to cause constipation ranging from foods, medication, and disease to the lifestyle you choose to live. The good thing is that there are various ways of treating constipation.

Take a lot of water

Constipation can be caused by dehydration in some cases. To reverse the condition, take enough water and ensure you stay hydrated. Although some doctors advice that you can take carbonated water when dealing with constipation, some people find it difficult to put up with carbonated drinks and they end up getting nauseous or even vomiting. Some studies have been carried out to show the effects of water on constipation and have found out that sparkling water is better than tap water.

Get enough of fiber

If you visited your doctor with the problem, the first thing that he will tell you is that you are supposed to increase fiber intake. A prior study found that over 77 percent of the people who had chronic constipation benefited from supplementing their diet with fiber. What fiber does is it adds bulk to the stool and hence brings about an increase in the frequency of the bowel movements. You can get fiber from eating various fruits and vegetables.

Get out more and exercise

Some studies show that exercising more when you have constipation will not control your bowel movements but it can significantly reduce the symptoms associated with constipation which may be making you uncomfortable. You can try some light exercises such as walking and jogging.

Take some herbal Laxative such as Senna

This is a herb that is used to relieve constipation. The herb contains various plant compounds such as glycosides which help to speed your bowel movements and combat constipation. However, senna is not to be used by children and also if it is used by adults then they should use it for a short period of time.

Drink Caffeinated coffee

For some people, taking coffee can increases the frequency of their bowel movements. This is because coffee contains an amount of soluble fiber which may be small but tends to work in relieving constipation. In addition, coffee has a stimulating effect on the muscles in the colon and this in turn combats constipation by bringing about a smooth bowel movement.